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viper15 (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2003 at 7:29pm
So its definatly rockford homecoming weekend and its definatly the same as every other week to me lol. I swear all ive been doing lately is working and exercizing... the effects are paying off but it gets repetative... but i have to get ready, next year ill be a Army Millitary Police officerfor 2 or 4 years, me recruiter and i still have to talk about that. Anyway, then when i get back I want to be either a police officer or a corrections officer. My friends dad is one so ive been talking to him alot lately and he said when i got out to come talk to him and he could try to get me in. Sooooo hopefully i have my future on track, but i still have alot of work to do, im not going into the army in my current shape, but it already is an improvement, you guys remember a 235 pound ben who could bench about 140 at his peak, now im 195-200 on any given day and i can bench about 165. Soooooo im getting there lol. I just dont want to be weak when i get there, i have this thing where i dont want my drill instructors to kill me

ANNNYYYYWAAAYYY, i havent updated in soooo long, and i miss you guys, your all gone, and it gets a little lonely... Ill look forward to any replies i can get, and if you ever see me on aim or msn shoot me a hi, i promise it will make me smile :-)
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10-21-05 10:02pm

Hah, yeah if I didn't see the Goodyear blimp floating around campus I would never have guessed it was homecoming weekend over here.

Good to see you're still alive. Good luck in shaping up. (and good job in dropping those 35-40lbs *flashes thumbs up)

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10-23-05 10:58pm

I miss you so much

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11-14-05 7:04pm

It seems like you don't like me any more or don't want to talk to me or don't like it when I give you a hug. What is up with that ? Also why don't you call me? I miss you ben...I realy do. :(

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