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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 10-23-2005 at 4:51am
Current mood: depressed
Music: Weezer - We are all on drugs
Subject: Sigh !
OK, Kunta has broken a promise he made to himself a long time ago, someone decided to bring down his wall of hate and open him up again. Feelings are everywhere and I can't control them =( part of me wants to feel like this again and part of me doesn't because I don't want to get hurt or hurt myself again, Im sick of all the pain. But those eyes just got me hooked and I can't help it, Im so confused, Im torn between 2, and I don't want anyone to be mad. sigh what to do...
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10-23-05 5:52pm

O Kunta kunta kunta.....Here we go again....You know that you are supposed to consult with me before you decide to let your wall of hate down....You know I know better fill me in before it is too late for yourself and you end up getting screwed over again....Will you ever learn...You talk to me before you make your decisions!! Duh....Linz always knows what is best for you!!!!

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Re:, 10-24-05 4:02pm

dude. Like ice cube says. "life ain't nuttin but bitches and money."

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