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crossmyheart (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2005 at 3:36pm
Subject: If you read this you are my hero.
~~~~~349 Have You Ever Questions~~~~~~~
Have You Ever...
Made up your own theory about the existance of God?:Yes
Stopped believing in God?:For a while.
Participated in a protest of any kind?:Nope
Gone to summer camp?:Nope, I went to church camp though when I was real little
Betrayed a friend?:Yes..
Made a perverted snowman?:Hahaha no
Run around in your bathing suit during winter?:No, bathing suits feel weird. I run around in my underwear though.
Gone outside in your bathing suit during winter?:No
Done the splits?:I can't. =(
Picked flowers from other people's lawns?:Haha yeah
Been grounded?:Duh
Had a conversation with yourself?:All the time
Fallen asleep at school?:Yeah
Lied to a doctor?:Yeah, to get a note for school.
Been to a slumber party?:Uh-huh
Been to a co-ed slumber party?:No
Had a pillow fight?:Yeah
Lied about your age on the internet?:Haha yeah when I was like 13
Lied about your age in real life?:No
Cursed directly at a teacher?:No
Cursed indirectly at a teacher?:Yeah I'm lame
Cursed in front of a teacher?:Yeah
Cursed in front of your parents?:No
Cursed at your parents?:No
Cursed at a friend?:Yeah
Cursed at stranger?:Yeah
Cussed somebody out?:Yeah
Cried in front of a teacher?:Yeah
Cried in public?:Yeah
Cried in front of a friend?:Ohh yeah
Done drugs?:Yeah
Sniffed a permanent marker to get a mini-high?:Haha when I was in like junior high
Had sex?:Yes
Had alcohol? :Yes
Been drunk?:Yes
Been drunk driving?:No
Been arrested?:No
Gotten a ticket?:I don't have my liscence yet.
Made a prank call?:Yeah
Made a prank call to a friend?:Haha yeah
Superglued coins to the floor of the mall?:No..
Stolen something from a friend?:No
Stolen something from a store?:When I was little.
Gotten caught for stealing?:No
Said a racist comment and meant it?:Once...O_O
Doubted your sexuality?:Yeah
Lied to a teacher?:Yeah
Thought about suicide?:Yeah..
Considered suicide?:Just about.
Attempted suicide?:No.
Hated yourself?:Most of the time.
Cut/hurt yourself intentionally?:Yes.
Given the finger to somebody?:Yes.
Give the finger to a stranger?:Yes. Not just randomly though.
Been to a concert?:Yeah
Been in a mosh pit?:Yeah
Been stage diving/crowd surfing?:No, but other crowd surfers have been dropped on my head.
Headbanged?:Haha yeah. Whiplash.
Copied someone elseís homework?:Ohh yeah
Copied off somebody on a test?:Yeah
Cheated on a test?:Yeah, that's the same thing as copying.
Cheated on a homework/assignment?:Yeah
Gotten detention?:Yeah
Cut class?:Nope.
Played hookie?:Allll the time.
Faked sick?:That's how I play hooky.
Been suspended?:No
Been expelled?:No
Been to the principles office?:Yeah
Failed a test?:Yeah
Failed a class?:No
Failed a grade?:No
Been in a car accident?:Nope
Spit in somebodyís food?:Nope, that's gross.
Spit on someone?:No, isn't that assault?
Bitten somebody?:Haha yeah
Been spit on?:No, I'd mess a brotha up.
Been bitten?:No.
Gotten in a fist fight?:Nope.
Slapped someone?:Yeah
Hit someone?:Yeah
Kicked a guy in the balls?:Oh yeah
Broken a bone?:No
Gotten stitches?:Yeah
Had an injury where you should have gotten stitches but you didnít?:I don't think so.
Eaten dog/cat food?:I ate a dog treat once. It was gross.
Written graffiti?:No
Written on the walls of a bathroom?:Yeah
Stayed up all night?:Duh
Eaten half a pint of ice cream in one sitting?:I don't like ice cream that much
Been kicked out of a store?:Just the movies.
Read someoneís diary?:Yeah
Stapled your finger?:No
Eaten a bug?:We all have.
Peed your pants at school?:Hahaha no
Crapped your pants in public?:No. I have controlled bowels.
Watched porn?:Mhm
Stripped?:Well I didn't make a show out of it or anything..
Stripped on camera?:No
Been ice skating?:Yeah
Been rollerblading?:Yep
Been skiing?:No
Been tubing?:Yeah
Snuck out of the house?:No
Walked along a highway?:No
Gotten lost in the woods/path/random place?:Yeah
Walked through the woods to see where you would end up?:No, I'm too scared.
Been on the roof?:Yeah
Dyed your hair?:F yes.
Cut your own hair?:All the time.
Have a friend cut your hair?:Yeah
Shaved your head?:No
Had surgery?:Not really major.
Been life-threatningly sick?:No
Been to Disney world?:YES
Been to Disney land?:No =(
Been out of the state?:Yeah
Been to more than five states?:Yeah
Been to more than ten states?:Nope
Been out of the country?:No
Lived in another state?:No
Lived in another country?:No
Lived in another continent?:No
Been to a wedding?:Yeah
Been to a funeral?:Yeah
Been to the beach?:Yeah
Been snorkeling?:No
Been scoobadiving?:No
Seen tropical fish (not in captivity)?:No
Seen wild dolphins (not in captivity)?:No
Seen a whale (not in captivity)?:No
Seen a shark (not in captivity)?:No
touched a shark?:No way Jose
Been on a private beach?:Nope
Been to a nude beach?:I wish
Swam in the ocean?:Yeah
Swam so far in the ocean you couldnít touch the ground at all?:No, I'd be scared.
Swam so far in the ocean you were a long way away from the shore?:No way Jose
Watched the sun go down?:Yeah
Climbed a pile of boulders just to say, "I'M THE KIND OF THE WORLD!"?:Hahaha no
Been on a roller coaster?:Duh
Been on an upside-down roller coaster?:Duh
Thrown up on a roller coaster?:Almost
Been hiking?:Yeah. I'll never do it again.
Been to the top of a mountain?:Yeah
Been pooped on by a bird?:Probably. Ew.
Been unconscious?:No
Been called a bitch?:By someone who didn't know me.
Been called a whore/slut?:I don't think so.
Laughed so hard you cried?:Yeah
Laughed so hard something came out your nose?:Ew no haha
Laughed so hard you peed your pants?:Almost
Sung in the shower?:All the time brotha.
Sung into a hair brush?:Oh yeah
Sung in front of friends/family?:No way
Sung in public?:Nope
Sung at a show of any form?:Nope
Danced in your underwear?:I'm doing that right now
Danced in your underwear in front of someone else?:Yeah
Danced in public?:Yeah
Danced in a show/recital?:When I was little
Run around with underwear on your head?:Haha yeah
Walked into a wall?:Yeah
Walked into a pole?:Yeah
Had a long-distance relationship?:Right now. I live an hour away from my boyfriend.
Had an online gf bf?:No
Had online sex?:I don't think so
Not taken a shower for a week?:When I was sick really bad
Loved somebody?:Yes
Gotten your heart broken?:Not for real.
Had a crush?:Of course
Had a crush on someone older than you?:I've never had a crush on someone younger than me.
Had a crush on someone 10+ years older than you?:Yes
Had a celebrity crush?:Of course
Taped a kick me sign on someoneís back?:Haha yeah
Made fun of someone to fit In?:Probably. I'm stupid.
Called someone fat?:Yeah
Been called fat?:Yeah
Been called anorexic?:No
Been made fun of?:Yeah
Been talked about badly behind your back?:Yeah
Been talked about badly behind your back by a friend?:Yes
Stayed up all night long?:Yep
Cried in public?:
Tripped in public?:
Farted loudly in public?:
Been in a play?:
Been in a commercial?:
Been on TV?:
Been on the newspaper?:
Been on the radio?:
Been in a movie?:
Met someone semi-famous?:
Flirted with someone semi-famous?:
Slept with a rock star?:
Screamed in public?:
Worn something weird in public?:
Ate something off the ground ignoring the 10 second rule?:
Licked a wall?:
Licked the ground?:
Licked someone?:
Hit a parked car?:
Gotten your tounge stuck on something cold?:
Stuffed something up your nose?:
Put something in your pants?:
Walked in the rain?:
Played in the rain?:
Danced In the rain?:
Danced in the rain in public?:
Watched a meteor shower?:
Wished upon a star?:
Stolen someoneís underwear?:
Worn someone elseís underwear?:
Gotten a wedgie in public?:
Given a wegie in public?:
Blamed someone for one of your farts?:
Eaten something alive?:
Faked an accent and seriously pretend that you had that accent?:
Made up a language?:
Pretended to speak some random language in public even though you didn't?:
Made up a fake identity when you meet someone?:
Given a lap dance?:
Had someone give you a lap dance?:
Lied about past experiences?:
Exaggerated past experiences?:
Skinny dipped?:
Been pantsed?:
Gone swimming with your clothes on?:
Mooned someone?:
Been mooned?:
Flashed someone?:
Been flashed?:
Seen a dead person?:
Prank phone called someone?:
Been to a fortune teller?:
Peed in a pool?:
Peed in a shower?:
Peed in a public pool?:
Peed in a public shower?:
Been camping?:
Been camping in a tent?:
Been camping in the middle of nowhere?:
Slept under the stars?:
Been around a campfire?:
Made a campfire?:
Burnt things because you were bored?:
Accidentally hurt yourself while burning something?:
Sat in the middle of the rode?:
Dressed up as a superhero?:
Worn a tie?:
Lied to a doctor?:
Broken the law?:
Fallen asleep in class?:
Been to a club?:
Been to a strip club?:
Been to a bar?:
Been to a gay bar?:
Ridden in a taxi?:
Ridden on the subway?:
Ridden on a public bus?:
Ridden on a train?:
Ridden on a boat?:
Ridden on an airplane?:
Jumped off a bridge?:
Jumped off the roof?:
Stuck gum under the table?:
Had a pet?:
Had an exotic pet?:
Accidentally killed a pet?:
Killed a pet on purpose?:
Run over an animal?:
Written a poem?:
Written a song?:
Written a story?:
Shown someone any of the above?:
Read it out loud to a group of strangers?:
Won something for it?:
Got a trophy for it?:
Gotten a trophy at all?:
Looked back on whatever you wrote years later and thought it sucked?:
Played an instrument?:
Known two languages fluently?:
Known 3+ languages fluently?:
Fallen in front of a lot of people?:
Had a dream?:
Had a dream that foretold the future?:
Had a dream in black and white?:
Had a nightmare?:
Had a nightmare that after having you couldnít go back to sleep?:
Watched a scary movie?:
Watched a scary movie then not been able to sleep?:
Told a scary story?:
Told a scary story and successfully scared someone?:
Spent the night at a haunted house?:
Seen a ghost?:
Seen a UFO?:
Written someone a nasty letter?:
Written anyone a letter?:
Made someone cry?:
Made someone cry from laughter?:
Made your parents cry?:
Gotten a piercing?:
Gotten a tattoo?:
Jumped into a giant pile of leaves?:
Been in a food fight?:
talked to yourself on AIM?:
Talked to a random person on AIM pretending you were someone else?:
Talked to a random person on AIM?:
Had an online friend?:
Been to the hospital?:
Set off fireworks/crackers?:
Screamed HAPPY NEW YEARS loudly at midnight?:
Screamed Happy New Years,Happy Bday, etc, really loudly even if it wasn't?:
Been inside the bathroom of the opposite sex?:
Used the bathroom of the opposite sex?:
Made faces at passing cars?:
Waved at passing cars?:
Done stupid things for passing cars?:
Made a truck driver honk his horn?:
Watched an R rated movie?:
Watched an X rated movie?:
Watched a movie your parents didnít want you to watch?:
Ridden a horse?:
Eaten testicle of anything?:
Eaten something that your friends prepared?:
Eaten dirt?:
Eaten paper?:
Been in a band?:
Played in the mud?:
Gone to sleep with socks on?:
Gone to sleep in your clothes?:
Gone to sleep wearing nothing but a large shirt and underwear?:
Gone to sleep naked?:
Slept in a bed with someone of the same sex (not in your family)?:
Slept in a bed with someone of the opposite sex (not in your family)?:
Made your own clothes?:
Worn your own clothes?:
Sold/Bought something off Ebay?:
done something embarrassing in public for attention?:
Peed behind a tree/bush?:
Talked to a stranger?:
Ridden on a motorcycle?:
Ridden on an ATV?:
Gotten straight Aís?:
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