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SpeLLbound11 (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2005 at 11:24pm
Current mood: sad
thought id update, life really sucks sometimes. Im happy tho, just because you are...even tho i dont act like it sometimes. Okay another thing, JENN you need to like call me or something, i dont want you to hate me and im scared to call you. You really dont need to hate me, and ONE more thing everyone...I got my hair cut off, Its REALLY short. Ok im done, later everyone
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11-03-05 2:45pm

"I would think about calling you but you would tell ppl that i'm like in love with u or something so yeah you'll prolly tell shama im sending u another one of the many text messages that i send...neways you knew that i did not like you like that...ur the one that called me...did u tell shama that part? You made me really mad...seriously...i don't even know what else to say" yeah...

^^ I sent that to you as a text message on ur phone but since u can't get text messages anymore....i put it on here.

>=[ hiss!

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