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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2005 at 12:29am
so i managed to live through my 21st birthday this weekend, and of course i do not remember much of it. but then again if i did i probably wouldnt of had any fun. so i did very well. Friday my parents josh and my brother took me out to eat and everything and then we went to Friends to have a drink. Nick called while we were there it was soo good to hear from him and wished me a happy birthday and that he was sorry he wasnt there with us. and then from there we went to weezers where one drink after another shot took place i dont think i have done that many shots in such a long time and then christie took us home which i do not remember at allllllll but we love her, i was very surprised though on saturday that i wasnt hung over or anything i felt almost perfect so i really couldnt ask for anything more,
Josh took me to a mudd run that morning which was alright other than the fact it was in GR but oh well then we came back and had dinner with court and matt. and started drinking all over again. so yes i celebrated my birthday very well.

but i have some accounting that i have to do soo im out for now...

kane whats this about u moving to hawaii???
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11-02-05 8:42pm

OMG I AM THE WORST FREAKIN FRIEND EVER... HAPPY BELATED BIRHTDAY MY LOVE :( I feel so bad right now... ugh i'll SO make it up to you i promise!!!

Brandon wants me to go move down there!!!! heh i'll call ya when i have time (which is like never)

love ya!

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