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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2005 at 10:26pm
alright guys. I turn the big 18 on sunday, so I'm coming home and going bowling and then having people over for cheesecake. Want to come? Leave me a comment and I'll give you details.
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11-03-05 12:19am

Well, I'll be home this weekend. I've gotta go back sometime on Sunday though. Maybe I'll be able to make it *crosses fingers*

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11-03-05 1:08am

I'll do my best to try and make it. I work and homework so you never know. >.<

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11-03-05 6:01am

I'll be in Chicago so it just depends on what time you're planning it, I don't know when we'll be home.

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11-21-05 3:59am

cheesecake?! why did you have to tell me that!? i love cheesecake soooo much!!!

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Re:, 11-21-05 12:18pm

the cheesecake was delicious. its long gone by now.
definitely my favorite food.

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