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silverstar (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2005 at 12:25am
[The Basics]
Full name: Kristen Renee Richards
Date of birth: 5-14-88
Gender: Female
Location: PA
Ethnicity: White
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Reason for taking survey: To tell people a little bit about myself!

[Going Deeper]
If any, name any phobias you have: Fear of Heights and Falling
Do you drink: Sometimes.
Do you smoke: No.
If any, what drugs have you done: Smoked Weed
Are you a junk food person or a healthy eater: A little of both
Living arrangements: I live with my parents
Name any pets you have: 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a turtle
Siblings: 1 brother...Nick
Do you like your school: Fuck No!
What is your favourite class: Business Enterprise
What is your least favourite: Accounting
What genre of movie do you prefer: Romance
Are you into self categorization? No

Time of the year: Spring/Fall.
Friend: As long as they're not bitches they're all my favorite!
Family member: I like em all
Animal: Leopard
Sweet food: Anything sour or chocolate...depends on the mood!
Colour: Red
Sitcom: Breaking Bonaduce, Gilmore Girls, and Run's House
Cartoon: Rugrats
TV channel: MTV
Pastime: Sleeping
Drug: None
Magazine: Teen People
Games console: Super Nintendo!
Swear word: Fuck.
Ice-cream flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip
Clothing brand, if any: Anything I like
Store: Dots
Place to relax: My Room
Place to shop: Century Three
Place to party: I dont really party

[Do you believe in..]
God: Sometimes.
A counter-god, or devil: Yeah.
Reincarnation: No.
The Soul: No
Evolution: No
Angels: Yes
Karma: Yes
Do you celebrate Christmas: Yes.
How do you celebrate your birthday: Depends
What is your religion: Roman Catholic.
Does your family have any special customs: No.
Have you ever converted from another religion or atheism: No.
Are you a vegetarian: No.

[For the Older Kids, Sex!]
Are you a virgin: No
If applicable, did you like your first time: I dont really remember
Ever given head: Yes.
Ever done anal: NO!
Does S&M appeal to you: yeah!
Do you watch pornography: Sometimes
How often do you masturbate: Never!
Ever had sex while drunk: just once
Do you regret any sexual incidents that occurred on your part: yes
Do you consider yourself sexually attractive: no
Favourite sexual position: Its hard to explain, haha
Tell us about any of your personal beliefs regarding sex: Its better to wait until you find someone you truly love because you'll end up regretting it

[Your Love Life]
Are you in a relationship right now: Yes
Describe your current, or most recent relationship: Completely In Love!
Are you, or have you ever been in love: Yes, I am in love
What's your sexual orientation: Straight.
Are you, or do you plan on getting married: Yes
Do you believe in soul-mates: Yes.
Do you think long-distance love is possible: Depends
Could you see yourself being unfaithful: I have before but not now
What do you notice about the opposite sex first: Smile
Biggest turn-offs: an extent
Taller or shorter than you: doesnt really matter
Ever broken someone's heart: Yes.
Has someone ever broken yours: yes
Do/would you have children: I want two kids.

[Your Bad Side]
Do you steal, or have you stolen: i have before
If so, was it from a store or a person you know: Yes.
Have you been intimate with someone else's significant other: No.
Do you take advantage of other peoples' kindness: No.
Have you lied to your parents: Yes.
Do you get jealous easily: to easily
Do you have a bad temper: yes, terrible
Have you ever made someone cry: Yes.
Ever physically hurt someone: yes, haha
Do you consider yourself racist: umm, kinda
Must you always seek vengeance: DEFINITELY!

[This or That]
Alcohol or Marijuana: Marijuana
Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Coke.
A quiet evening at home or a wild night out: Quiet evening at home
Extreme intelligence or unbelievable beauty: both?
A permanent, stable relationship or an insane sex life: A permanent, stable relationship.
Christmas without gifts, or Christmas without everything else: Without everything else.
Rock or Rap: Both
The ability to fly or the ability to be invisible: Invisible
Hearing or seeing: Seeing
Depression or anxiety: Probably anxiety.
Immortality without the ability to die, or mortality: Mortality.
Death by freezing, or burning: Freezing.
Death by suffocation or being stabbed: Suffocation
Lots of acquaintances or a few close friends: Few close friends.
To be a singer or an actor/actress: Actress
Eternal day or eternal night: eternal night
X-Ray vision or psychic abilities: Psychic abilities.
Sweet or savory: Sweet.
To never sleep or to never eat: Never eat.
To eat as much as you want or to sleep as much as you want: Sleep as much as I want.
World domination or infinite knowledge of all things: Knowledge of all things.
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera
Bush or Kerry: Bush
To resort to cannibalism or to die: yuck...def. die

[The Last]
Person you talked to: My mom
Person you argued with: My dad
Person you hugged: Bleu
Person you kissed: Bleu
Person you texted: I dont have text msging because i'm out of control! lol
Person you had sex with: Bleu
Phone call: Bleu
Thing you ate: Oreo Ice Cream
Thing you drank: Lemonade
Time you showered: This morning
Time you told someone you loved them: About 10 min. ago
Time someone said they loved you: 10 min. ago
Time you laughed: Like an hour ago
Time you vomited: wow..its been a while
Paycheck: Oct. 23rd
Time you had sex: September! haha
TV show you watched: Next
Song you listened to: Toxic lol
Movie you watched: Hide and Seek
Dream you had: Me getting married
Time you got drunk: like a year ago
Party you went to: same as above
Item of clothing you bought: sweater
Person you would sleep with: Bleu

[Have You Ever Been Called]
Bitch: Yes
Bastard: I dont think lol
Beautiful: Yes
Talented: Yes
A waste of space: No
Liar: Yes
Geek: No.
Nerd: No.
Loser: Yes, by Jena! lol
Peculiar: No.
Intelligent: No
Skinny: Hell No
Fat: Hell Yeah! Haha
Pretty: Yes.
Preppy: No.
Goth: No.
Emo: No.
Grunger: No.
Fiend: No.
Innovative: No.
Weirdo: Yes
Stupid: Yes.
Retarded: Yes.
Annoying: Yes.
Freak: Yes..
Brat: Yes.
Cute: Yes.
Interesting: No.
Boring: Yes.
Slut: Yeah
Whore: Yes.
Skank: Yes.
Asshole: Yes
Shitface: A long time ago!
Ugly: Not recently
Disgusting: I dont think so
Shithead: yes.
Cock: No.
Tit: No.
Twat: No.

[Totally Random]
Tell us the first thing you'd do with a million dollars: Move to a nicer part of PA, forget about fuckin bentleyville and take all my loved ones with me!
Why is the sky blue: I'm not really sure
Do you consider yourself to be romantic: Yes.
What's the best thing somebody has ever said about you: That I changed their life so much that they've become a better person.
What do you think of P.E.T.A: Eh...Neutral
What do you think of South Park: Dumb
Do you like candles: Yes
Do you think emo people are idiots: No.
Do you think goths are idiots: No.
Do you think people who take ridiculously long surveys are idiots: Yeah lol
Do you believe men and women are truly equal: Yeah.
Do you read books very much: No, I wish i did
Do people consider you to be a bookworm: No.
Describe your mother: Hardworking sometimes bitchy
What's one thing you would change about your body: Losing about 50 pounds.
Would you kill one child to save the lives of 1000 children: No
What one thing would a person have to do to deserve death: Kill and innocent person.
The most romantic thing somebody's ever done for you: Pretty much everything Bleu does is romantic to me!
Do you use bittorrent: I have no clue what that is!
What P2P programs do you use: None?
Have you ever skydived: No, but i have been on the skycoaster at kennywood.
List three things you want to do before you die: Marry Bleu, Have two wonderful children, make peace with everyone in my family
The world ends and you can only save three people and yourself. Who would you save: Bleu, my mom, and my dad
If you could kick anyone's ass, who would it be: Pretty much all the girls at bentworth except for a select few!
If you could sleep with anyone in the world, who would it be: Bleu
Are you bored of this survey yet: No
What is the meaning of life: Spending every moment enjoying life because you'll never know when the end is.

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