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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2005 at 5:24pm
Current mood: calm
Wow I havn't looked at this in a while, damn... Ok well, Im a freshman, 14, birthday = December 27 . Um i have a g/f now as on Friday night, her name is Jennifer. Im on the High School drummline, Im pulling A's and B's in my classes. Um I havnt updated in a while, I have a compitition tomorrow after school, um...... Im sorry if you all hate me cause i dont update, i just havnt had time, band killes your social life, and what you have left of it Im with my g/f or friends/family. My life consists of music, concert band, drummline, marching band, rock band, church band,...ect... So yah, that me in a nutshell I have 2 bros a snake 2 dogs a mom and a dad. Soo, ill update more often, sorry again!
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11-06-05 10:25pm

I'll add you if you bother reading the things I say.
Going to the link on my woohu, reading my xanga, and pretending to care is a start.
I love you.

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