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silverstar (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2005 at 8:15pm
Hey! Whats up...Today was an awesome day. I really didnt do much just hung out with Bleu most of the day. He's such an awesome guy, we could do like absolutely nothing and i still could have like the best time with him! He picked me up around 2 then we went to trax farms and got apple cider...So Good! Then we went to some place called Adam's pine creek to eat, it was alright...the place is inside of a barn so just picture that! haha but the food was all like homemade stuff so it was decent. After that we just went back to his house and watched the exorcist and like a minute of the steelers game. Now its time for me to go and do some business enterprise homework:( Then hopefully tomorrow becky will let me see her accounting cause that class kicks my ass! lol Bye:)
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11-07-05 11:28am

No, you CAN'T see my accounting.
Because- you need to actually learn.

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