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blade-of-reason (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2002 at 8:33am
Current mood: scared
Subject: It can't happen
My best friend.I haven't being in contact with her for a while I'm a cunt like that.She texted me today, she nearly died.

I'm so sorry i should have been there.
I feel so shite right now.

It would kill me to lose her.

Sweetheart i'm sorry

Please don't go.
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06-15-06 8:20pm

Is this about me? Or do you have a lot of friends that nearly die? haha

I don't know if you check this but it's worth a try.

Sorry I've been a bad friend. We should meet up sometime. I haven't seen you in well over a year, maybe more? I have no concept of time.

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