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KryieKougar (profile) wrote,
on 11-9-2005 at 6:53pm
Subject: a little something i wrote
Hometown Hero

A solider goes to war
To fight for what he believes in
He knows freedom isnít free
He might have to pay a price
Might not come back to you and me
Make the ultimate sacrifice
No matter what heíll always be
A hometown hero
Youíre our hometown hero

Through those cruel cold nights
And long hard days
Doesnít matter where you are
You keep going and find your way
You never give up
Because you are an American soldier
Youíre always a hometown hero
Youíre our hometown hero

Whether you are overseas
Or just down the street
There isnít a just one hometown hero
All American Soldiers
Whether air fore, marine, army, guard or navy
They are a hometown heros
Our hometown heros

Then one day we get a call
One we have dreaded since you left
That you are no long among us
But youíll always be with us
You were the first to fall
Hopefully the last
Know youíre in our heart and will be tomorrow
Youíre a hometown hero
Youíre our hometown hero
Yes a hometown hero
Yes our hometown hero
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11-09-05 7:17pm

thats good

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