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silverstar (profile) wrote,
on 11-10-2005 at 12:19am
Current mood: bored
Hey...Havent updated this thing in awhile. Not much has really been goin on just the same old shit. I worked Monday, Tuesday I was off, Wednesday I worked bingo and made $45 that i desperately needed! Right now I'm in school, bored as hell. I am so tired of highschool. I'm like seriously mentally done. I cant stand anyone in bentworth except for a select few and you know who you are! haha My chub girls. Tonites the senior party and i'm not going but now i kinda wish i was. I really didnt wanna go because theres a couple of people that just really piss me off and i cant stand to be around them but since they're not going i wanna go but i have to work. Oh well it happens.
This weekend I'm going shopping with my gram, my aunt and my mom at south hills. Then were going to my aunt and uncles house because they just bought a new/old lol victorian house so i'm excited to see it. Well its time for accounting class! Fun Fun
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11-11-05 5:29pm

Bitchhh. Share the wealth.

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11-11-05 6:11pm

I love old houses.

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