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H2OforDuo (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2005 at 7:22pm
Subject: Bwar. There is a real entry (*GASP*) below these quizes Love Compatibility Test Love Compatibility Test

Bwar. Kakashi rocks mah socks.

Yea. Anyways. I'm updating. It's the friggen end of the world.
When I dream, if I get touched, I feel it. I physically feel what's going on in my dreams. This can be a very unpleasant thing. Like two nights ago.
I was lying in bed in my room with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep when something grabbed my elbow and tugged on it, as if trying to pull me under the bed. I woke up with wide eyes and looked over to my arm. Nothing was there. So, I went back to sleep. Once again, something was yanking on my arm. Once again, I woke with wide eyes. This cycle continued for quite a while. I kept thinking, 'Maybe I should go into Mom and Dad's room. Maybe that will help...but they're really tired. I don't want to wake them up."
I regretted that decision.
I lay in bed, trying to go to sleep when I feel the hand on my elbow again, only this time it's followed by another hand placed on my shoulder. Whatever it was pulled itself up. I turned to look at it, eyes wide again. They were even wider when I took in the figure. It was gaunt and thin. Almost skeletal, but not quite. Just very thin with thin arms. It was shadowy and completely black. It didn't have eyes. Instead it had black pits of pure nothingness staring down at me. I wanted to scream. It bent down to kiss me.
I woke up, feeling like I was going to scream. I tried cahnging positions on the bed so that nothing could grab my arm, but I finaly ended up going in my parents' room. I couldn't sleep in mine.
One of the things that made this dream so scary was that I was in my room, sou I couldn't tell if I was awake or asleep. Do you ever get those?
So, I didn't go to school (actually haven't been to school except Monday and we had today off). Actually, I wento to school, got there, had a nervous breakdown, went home.
I was supposed to go to a concert with Jon (who's birthday is the 13th) and his family, so I went to his house after he got home from school. I don't know what happened, but I just started crying and I absolutely could not stop. I was positively wracked with sobs and I couldn't stop. It was horrible. And I felt really bad for putting Jon through seeing me like that. I know it's hard for him. I finally decided that I couldn't come with them and I just had to go home. I mannaged not to be all sobby around his dad and sister, though his mom (Andrea) was really nice to me and helped sort things out. Jon still went to the concert and they all had a great time, so that was cool. It also meant that I got to watch CSI ^_____^
I managed to sleep last night, but had trouble falling asleep. My bed kept shaking underneath me. Yeeeeaaa...So anyway. That's all I can write for now. See y'all XP
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11-15-05 1:12pm

+attaches and nods+

It's been spreading. I don't think this is an isolated case, m'love.
I've been hit, and several of my peer all long the country have been visited by this sort of thing in one form or another.

Though I can't say for sure that you're part of the wave, it sounds like the others and myself who've been going through this thing.

I'm sorry that I couldn't comment sooner, I've been having more and more computer troubles.


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Re:, 11-15-05 7:39pm

No worries, luff.

Hey, did you ever end up trying to call me on All Hallow's? I never got a call.


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