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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 11-12-2005 at 11:17pm
Current mood: tired
Subject: Weekend:)
So I just got home from hanging out with Brie.

Honestly: It Sucked.

Just Kidding. It was actually a lot of fun. I really didn’t think I was gunna have so much fun with doing nothing. We just went to the bowling ally… then had to leave because there wasn’t any open. So we went to subway… and the guys there thought we were like high and asked us if we were ok because we were laughing so hard and couldn’t stop. Then we went back to the bowling ally and played 2 games even though we only paid for one. We still don’t know how though. But it doesn’t matter lol. Then we just went back to her house then I left. Nothing to exciting but I still had a blast. I don’t think if laughed that hard in a while.

On other notes: school, grades wise, is going way down. And still trying to figure out what’s going on with my better half. She comes home on Wednesday so I’m really excited to see her. I hope that she’s ok. Everyone who prays: please keep her in your prayers even though u PROBABLY don’t know her.



I just realized its Saturday. I said nothing about Friday. Again: had a blast with the lovely AshMeg. I <3 her. I went and picked her up from play practice, well actually I got a sneak peak cuz I got to watch most of it. Its coming cool Becky (sp) is perfect for her part that’s all I have to say. (not in a mean way… she just fits that which perfectly with her voice and everything lol) then we went to Alpine and Ash got 2 ‘Gossip Girls’ books and some photo printer paper. Then we just went to Ashley’s dads house and spent the night there. Ashleys dad is so nice. He gave me gas some money and like filled up my tank. Well anyways so then today (well this morning) Ashley practiced driving and then I ended up driving her car down to Ball and Leonard at that A OK place to help her practice for her test cuz they like set up cones there and everything. Then me and Ashley went to Fred’s Pizza on Plainfield. (of course Ashley’s dad paid for it again- he’s so nice). Then I just dropped Ashley off at home and went home and got ready to hang out with Brie. So yeah this was a really long entry and most people don’t read this anyways so… yeah.


Wakey Wakey... Eggs And Bakeyyy
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11-13-05 1:21pm

Yeah it was pretty fun. I'm going to post a picture of us wearing those mask things when I get home (to my moms). Yeah am happy that I got the new Gossip Girl book and The It Girl book. I am sorry that you only got one cd but I don't know why it didn't work!! We'll make more next time.


Love you!


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11-13-05 7:19pm

Omgoodnessgosh, I had a BLAST!

"Could you take some of this off please"
"I only want alittle bit of this, and this, and alittle of this too".

Gah Your cute. I really think those creepy guys who wanted to take us partying paid for our bowling.

Creepy - - -

Goodness You Crack me up..

"I wonder if theres like a subway... on "the subway"??
That there is an un-solved mystery i tell ya what.

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11-22-05 11:01pm

Hey darlin! I made up AsHmEg so only I can call her that. haha sorry but it upsets me lol. Make up a new name for her!

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