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evilgirl28666 (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2005 at 9:38pm
Current mood: cranky

im now addicted to cocaine.

kinda sucks

im doing it just to hurt him. as stupid as it is.
all i can do is think about it
want it

im picturing a line in front of me at this very minute.

holy shit i just wanna blow line after line after line

again and again and again again again again

im sorry kate.

i wanna buy like
a million dollars worth
and stare at it all
and fill my mouth up
and have my face go numb
and like

its making me feel a little better just thinking about it
i wanna throw up

and cut just tons of lines

line them all up

make an army

cuz i like coke



i hate me.
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11-19-05 5:07pm

you're worth more than you know

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Re:, 11-19-05 11:51pm

a hundred people could tell me that

but if the one person who i needed to hear it from didnt tell me

nothing would matter.

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