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moondune22 (profile) wrote,
on 11-17-2005 at 8:44am
Omg I'm really sorry it has taken me forever to post on here. I have been grounded. I'm sorry for the delays. Anyways my mom has been really mean to me and she took everything away from me. I mean EVERYTHING!!! Well at least I have somewhere to sleep. but if it gets any worse I might have to move back to my dads, which is no problem. Me and zac are doin great. we fought last week and he left a huge bruse on my leg but I got him back. Anyways my mom has been hitting me, but I think I will get over it. Don't you? I love you pete!! Sorry it's been forever, and I know I told you I would post more.
Any ways leave me a comment pete so I know how you are doin!!! Ok. I got into a fight with an old friend her name is Olivia and me and her went off on each other. because she lied to my best friend's mom abouit me and now a can't speak to my best friend, and my girlfriend. and it got her into a lot of trouble too. but anyways, I'm in school and I might get into trouble for being on here but oh well. I gotta go but I PROMISE I will post on saturday! If i tell you my score on my chem project it will be because I am really waiting for it and I wanna know and if i get a good grade I will SCREAM cuz it took me a month to do it! Anyways gotta go. I love you all!!!!! Love you zac!! Love you Raquel!! and last but not least Love you Pete!!!!!! Buh-Bye
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11-19-05 4:27pm

look hun i love you and i would love if u moved back home but thats up to you but dont let ur mom hit you stand up for your self and dont be so ruff with zac

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