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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2005 at 5:50pm
Current mood: lonely
Hmm, so suddenly, I feel very lonely. I'm not sure where that came from, but I am. I've made a decent number of friends in the dorm. They're all nice, a little bit crazy, but still pretty clean (kind of like the old group back home, but two years older). I'm still friends with Rachael, who has been the savior of my weekends (if not for her, I'd have moped my way through every single weekend here not doing anything with anyone). Still though, I feel like I should be somewhere doing something with someone right now, but there's no one.

I have some work to do, an essay and a programming project. I can BS my way through the essay, and the program should be pretty easy once I get started. Still, I just really don't want to work right now. I don't want to sit on my ass either, but unfortunately the prospect of breaking in my chair is a somewhat more desireable prospect than researching some racial scientists of the late 19th century (by the way, the topic of race... ....I'm sick of it, no matter what anyone says, it's total bullshit. The difference is in culture, we are not all the same, because we have different cultures, but we are not all different in that our bodies are ultimately of the same basic design. That's all there is to it.).

I've been trying to write again lately. I can't say I've written much, but with any luck, I'll manage to get some work done in that area. Why am I not writing now since I have nothing better to do? Well because I'm not really in the proper mood, and I don't want to force it.

So yeah, to sum things up, I'm bored and lonely. Pardon this sad little entry in my journal. 'Tis not even dramatic and depressing, or happy, fun and sickeningly cute, just kind of blah, and such a step down after my massive (and apparently generally well received) rant on xanga.

Oh, on a more useful and informative note, I'm coming home this coming wednesday, possibly even this coming tuesday ^_^ (provided my bloody writing prof. cancels class like she should *shakes fist menacingly in general direction of Dr. Fernandez*). So let me know if you want to hang out sometime once I have returned ^_^.

Oh, and a bit of a heads-up. I'm quite seriously considering having a bit of a party on my birthday (the 19th of december in case you forgot). I figure it might be a good opportunity for us all to hang out in a big group like we used to before this dreaded thing called college snatched us all away, erm, and before we all kind of became boring and antisocial over the summer (no offense to anyone, I did it too). Oh yeah, and if I do wind up having a party and any bad blood is stirred up, I will insert a sobe bottle in your rectum, broken or whole (I have about 12 of those on my desk right now, and I figure I could put them to good use). So yeah, everyone here, let me know what you all think about the idea.

Hopefully you are all having an awesome start to your weekend.

Va con Dios mis amigos.
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11-18-05 8:57pm

I think that's a cool idea. Katie will be gone, however. She's spending 10 days of Christmas break in California.

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11-18-05 9:26pm

Antisocial!?! I was living in another city!

Sounds like a plan. Expect to be graced with my presence.

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11-19-05 12:22am

a party sounds like....well, a party! Count me in.

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11-19-05 3:54am

:( Sorry you feel lonely. I think perhaps another kidnapping is in order?

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Re:, 11-19-05 3:09pm

Indeed, another kidnapping is always welcome. Erm, though, if I could suggest perhaps having a different wheelman this time? Your driving nearly made me shat myself last time (no offense, but seriously...).

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11-20-05 12:40pm

do it.

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