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moondune22 (profile) wrote,
on 11-20-2005 at 11:59am
Ok i didn't post yesterday but im here now i didnt say when i would post i just said i would post over the weekend. well i told you i would put my score of my project in here. its a 96% yeah! 128 out of 133 can you belive it. I worked n that thing for 4 weeks! I am so proud of myself!! Well I can't wait to find out my final grade in that class. I am deciding on whether or not to move back to my dads. cuz i got a job out there and friends and a boyfriend and my permit and a lot of other things out there!! So i dunno if i really really want to move back, plus my mom has a guy movin in and usually when a guy moves in my mom is really really nice to me, so i dunno what to do im really confused. i am watching star wars we can all thank my b/f zac for gettin me into star wars. well im gonna go i will post tomorrow in my 1st period class!! Lata XxKyleexX
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