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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2005 at 6:20pm
do normal children exist?

rachel and her siblings doing odd things.
kt and hers doing odd things.
me and mine have done some odd things. like, lmfao, screaming "muffins!" "cookies!" "muffins!" "cookies!" back and forth in really odd voices. lmfao. that was hilarious. nobody was home but us.. i think we were deciding on what to have for dinner. lmfao.
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11-21-05 9:23pm

Normal children is on oxymoron. Me and my brothers used to play "The Tail Game" One of us would run around the house w/ a jumprope and everyone else would try and catch it. We also did something called kangaroo. We'd put both feet into one leg of our pants and hop around. That caused a trip to the emergency room for my little brother but that's another story......

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Re:, 11-22-05 9:03pm

lol sounds like fun

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