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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2005 at 8:58am
ok... in case anybody was NOT aware.. which im assuming most are not... the Holly Hop this year is a semi formal dance just like swirl or homecomming and is on saturday december 17th. yes ladies.. this means pretty dresses. ok, now im getting fairly frustrated.... and just for your further reference it is the freshmen that are planning this dance. if you knew about the dance prior to this entry please comment and tell me how you found out.... im trying to see how many people have actually HEARD hazels "announcements" because i havent... and he cant get it through his head that nobody is aware of when or what the dance is. most people only know of it through "rumors" or from me. so yeah... please comment on this issue.. EVERYONE... PLEASE.. because im very displeased with the planning of this event.

in other news.... *ponders if displeased is even a word* things have been going fairly smoothly. (in all aspects)

thursday is mine and keegans first year.... thats what we've decided to call it. why limit ourselves to "one" when we can say it's the first. its on thanksgiving.. so the day will be filled with family, food, and lots of US time. i think it works out nicely because we REALLY have something to be thankfull for. :)

GUESS what.... keegans dance crew (61syx technique) just got hired by the GR Rampage to dance at all their home games. its a paid contract deal and they're getting sponsered by a gym... they'll get jerseys with their BBoy names on em, 2 free tickets each to all the games and lots of publicity. im so excited for them! there's 5 of them... which just goes to show how good they are.. to get such an amazing opportunity... not to mention all the money they'll be making. *smiles....... as if enough people dont recognize keegan wherever we go... the guy told them that about 9 thousand people come to each game.. and there's 8 home game games.... say about 72 thousand people... yeah.. i'd say this is their big break! im so proud......

i'm VERY MUCH looking foward to sleeping in everyday of break. i have to work every day but thursday though.... aww well. i think friday im gonna get up really early and go shopping. i'd like to get a video camera for my mom for christmas.. figure that'd be the best day to get a good deal on one.

so yeah... i think that about covers it..
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11-22-05 2:52pm

displeased is indeed a word lol


i have only heard of this event from you. really. nothing else from anyone. just you. so yeah, get them to advertise because it will suck if no one comes.

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Re:, 11-22-05 3:11pm

Megan told me about it....

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