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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2005 at 2:13pm
There used to be a girl on this site who used the handle "Porcelain."

I miss her. She was cool. Every time I log on and think about how much respect I had for her. Unfortunately, her mother found her blog and she had to leave us. Then her journal was wiped out in the Great Deletion of Unpaid Journals.

Well, Porcelain. Here's to you, wherever you are. I haven't forgotten.
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11-25-05 5:10pm

Yeah, she was cool.

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11-27-05 12:53am

Yes, she was.

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01-11-06 8:36am

She made me a really cool icon once, because she was cool.

Wouldn't that be cool if she read this?

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Re:, 04-07-06 10:20am


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