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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2005 at 11:45pm
Current mood: sad
Music: Staind- Right Here
Subject: T-Day Break
Well lets see here, my thanskginving was somewhat ok because I got to spend time with my baby, but on the other hand I almost fucking died on the turnpike. Some car hit the back of a state trooper car and the car was like 1 inch in front of my face. I just froze, my whole life flahsed in front of my eyes. but oh well, fuck that shit .. I miss my baby. I wish i was with her allllllllll the time. it was a good week, I got to spend alot of time with, but shes back at school for like 2 weeks then comes home for a month n some days for x-mas ! im so excited! I guess I gotta get my christmas shopping done sometime, I frickin hate spending money ! i gotta buy a new car tommorow so thats going to be interesting ... sigh its frickin midnight, im going to bed
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Jamr, 11-29-05 10:44am

So much hostility. How have you been bro? Another day in the gulf for me. At least I get to fly a lot. Lets see. What's new. I went to pakastan for earthquake reliefe. I was the swimmer that recovered a dead shipmate in the gulf early october. Other than that I am just chilling. Keep in touch.

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