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canthandleit (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2005 at 7:24pm
Music: nothing
thats it

i am so sick of everything right now..not to mention how HORRIBLe shit with my mom is..i cannot deal with so many people right now..and you complain when i don't make an effort and then i start making an effort and you talk about me behind my back and don't want me to be there..and surprisingly shit like that hurts me..because maybe you don't like me so much not so sure if you even know me anymore but i don't feel like it's too late until suddenly im there in an awkward situation and i realize that any effort now is just worthless..i hate this so much..i hate to think it's too late..and i hate to feel on the outside so least pretend you still like me..its bad enough that i feel replaced..and maybe its completely my fault but now that i'm trying to make up for it there's just no use..i so fed up with everything..i just needed to vent..i wish people were still here for me..theres a small few i can rely on..oh and if you ever need me..ill still be here

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11-28-05 8:31pm

it's never too late for anything

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