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xhan (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2005 at 2:28pm
Current mood: amused
Subject: j0! I be xhannay and that be me! XD

Name: Xhan
Age: 18
Status: Fucking Awesome.
Likes: kicking arse, drinking coke, writing.
Hates: practically everything.

Story basis:

Set back in some messed up medieval world... place... thing. You know the drill, elves, dwarves, soldiers, armies, dragons, kingdoms, death and rebirth, taverns, drunken brawls, blood, gore, murder, sex, sacrifice and a whole heap of negativity. The main character is one Dias Rin, mercenary turned soldier turned prisoner turned... I'm giving away the story aren't I.

Right! Well let us just hope that I actually get this... at least started eh?


ps. Sneki and Keri... you fucking rule.
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11-30-05 5:47am

Rawk on! X3

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11-30-05 12:03pm

Oooh. Medieval world. I think I'm going to start the Syrenia trilogy for SneKoRaMa.

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