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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2005 at 1:07pm
some people make me so sad. if you're drunk at 1 in the morning and wake everyone up and get written up for it you should probably just go to hell. cause i'm sick and even if i wasn't i wouldn't want to be woken up at 1 in the freaking morning.

i almost passed out in target yesterday. that was fun.

and i'm kind of sad to be moving out. christan is being very cool.
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12-05-05 8:54am

she only seems cool because you know that you're leaving.
come on now . . . i'm cool. because i spell words right for you.

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Re:, 12-05-05 9:22am

ugugugugugugug. what'swrongwithyuhmama?

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Re: Re:, 12-14-05 2:10pm

nothin's wrongwithmumuma

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