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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2005 at 1:42pm
well some time around june or july next year im most likely(theres a small chance that i wont) be moving to chicago with ben and brad, kinda a new start on things in a whole new place and a bunch of oppurtunitues. im getting my tattoo stuff on christmas which means im gona be really busy practicing. im excited about moving but its kinda scary because its my first move on my own but at least i got ben and brad. the reason why were going so chicago is because ben is going to colledge there and its just a good time to start or master plan. but in reality im just going to be starting my life.
if anyone wants any piercings im the place to go people so get ahold of me in anyway posible ok.
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12-04-05 7:27pm

You will too! Dont be saying there is a small chance. Pffft. Ben wants to do it, and you want to do YOU WILL!!!!

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