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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2005 at 4:54pm
Current mood: POATEW
Music: i dont fucking know
Subject: grrrrrrrrr
so first on this glorious day i took the math and italian SAT2s. italian was aight, math would have been great but then my calculator came down with "dim mismatch" and decided it couldnt graph things anymore. thats okay, just another lost opportunity to make me look better to colleges, and yes i DO care.

then i got my grades and... lowest grade ever. in biotech. lower, mind you, than the trimester of AP Physics where we had to derive formulas for the magnetic field produced around a hollow conducting cylinder (etc, etc). in this class we have a lecture on average once a a week, and a quiz... once a month? i will stop at that because i cant do the shittiness of this class justice.

so im pretty much murderous right now. goodbye idea of bringing my grades up this year. remind me to stay away from guns and knives.
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12-03-05 10:58pm

Grades are such shit. I went through this kind of thing my senior year so I remember (not very fondly) what it's like. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. To be honest, though, having good grades won't make or break a college application like everyone makes it seem. There's a lot of other things colleges look at. Try not to worry, stay away from guns and knives, and feel better.

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Re:, 12-03-05 11:53pm

heh thanks

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