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KryieKougar (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2005 at 12:31am
Subject: Illusion
Love is just an illusion
A mere fantasy
Make up along with fairies, trolls and pixie dust
All things of a child who doesnít know better

Love is just a barrier
Blocking us from our potential
Sending us doing a different path
The path that will ultimately lead to pain

Love is just a thought
Itís only a feeling because we think it is
True the heat beats red and sometimes burns
But thatís just eating the wrong food

Love is just a fairy tale
There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
No knight in shining armor coming to the rescue
No happily every after

If love is just an illusion
Then why do I miss love so
Where is my pixie dust
My rainbow my knight in shining armor

To think I donít need it is the illusion
The only illusion about love to believe its just an illusion
If you believe, to believe, then there is that fairy tale waiting to be found
So the question is.......

Where is my happily ever after
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