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pamela (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2005 at 9:20pm
Current mood: surprised
Subject: my brother has feelings
checking out my brother's xanga, and i wonder if he knows i read it cuz he posted a poem, and i went...dude, my brother...wrote a poem...strange, but i'll post it cuz i liked it
Truth by mike
You said you'd push
And you pushed...

You said I'd give
And I gave...

You said I'd break
And I broke...

You said I would leave
And now I am leaving...

You said you were sorry
And your not...

You said you were bad for me
And you were right....
Why did you have to be so right?.....
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12-05-05 11:41pm

thatd be funny if he reads your woohu.

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12-06-05 7:55pm

Oh, I'd laugh so hard if he read your woohu.

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