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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2005 at 3:49pm
MEGANS COMING HOME TODAY. Ug, i miss her so much. I’m so glad she’s ok. Today was horrible just thinking of her in the hospital and everything. Last night and pretty much all today; I’ve been thinking about so much. Megan and I used to be so close. We used to talk like everyday about like everything. We were pretty close for a long time, then idk what happened. We just kinda stopped calling. Today I was thinking about the first time we ever really talked on the phone; we were both scared to call each other haha. We had talked online like every day for about like 4 months before we got the courage up to call each other. That first night she called me; we talked for 3 hours lol. Idk why I remember all this but I do. Everything that we did together just like came back. I mean I knew she wasn’t gunna die or anything but still everything just came back. Its made me realize never to lose touch with people you love. I know this sounds weird and most people probably wont understand, or they’ll just be like “you guys arnt ever close anymore” but idk what I would have done if something worse would have happened. For about 3 months now me and Meg have been talking about getting together but never really do. Now I know better; I know not to take friendships for granted and I know that sooner or later; your not gunna have the chance to see whoever you want whenever you want. Its kinda sad that it took Megan to get in a car accident for me to figure all this out but at least now I know. My mom got a hold of her by 6th hour and talked to her for awhile, then called me and left me a message so I called her during 6th hour and talked to her. I was crying like a baby when i was talking to her. I’m just ug, I’m so glad she’s ok. For anyone who prayed for her, thank you a lot. <3

Just Some Random Pictures Of Me Tonight... I Dont Know How To Make Them Smaller... Sorry.

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Alex And Me

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Me, Tia Sade, Jenn
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Me And Tia Sade!
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12-16-05 7:58am

She is great! And I'm so glad she's okay. I completely understand what you mean about people you used to be close with. It sucks ass that it takes such a scary thing to make you realize how much you care, but like you said, at least when you do figure it out, you're going to work to change it. That's what really matters.

I love you Kelli! Merry Christmas Break!

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