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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2005 at 11:18pm
I love christmas, i miss the snow and im glad to be going back home tho i did enjoy the stay even tho most of my time here was spent in a car...i think im becoming clostrophobic.
i cant wait to sleep in my own bed with erica again, i miss her the most...i love her so much
once i get my tattoo stuff on christmas my process of learning to be a great tattoo artest begins and im ready for it.
i dont know what im gona do for presents for my family. ive been gone so long and i dont know how im gona get them anything tho i think they will love having me home.
im pretty upset that some of my future plans got screwed up but what can i do. i know me and ben will be fine. i cant wait to see him again.
i want to be cold again, i hate being hot.
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12-23-05 12:10am

I havent heard from Ben yet Tony. Im kind of worried about him. He flew to Michigan 2 days ago and he still hasnt called or been here yet. I hope he's able to get places. I know he doesnt have a that might cause a problem!!
Im glad your coming home. Ive got lots of stuff to show you from when I was with my mom. I think you will like it. I got alot of really cute stuff.
Dont worry about Christmas shopping....we can do it tomorrow when you get home, or even Christmas Eve!!

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