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KryieKougar (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2005 at 11:49pm
Subject: just lyrics
And in my twisted face, there's not the slightest trace
Of anything that even hints at kindness.
And from my tortured shape, no comfort, no escape.
I see, but deep within is utter blindness.
Hopeless as my dream dies, as the time flies, love a lost illusion.
Helpless, unforgiven, cold and driven to this sad conclusion.

No beauty could move me, no goodness improve me.
No power on earth,
No passion could reach me, no lesson could teach me

Long ago I should have seen all the things I could have been.
Careless and unthinking, I moved onward!

No pain could be deeper, no life could be cheaper.
No point anymore,
No spirit could win me, no hope left within me,
Someone set me free! But it's not to be.
So just let the world be done with me.
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