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sportsgirl (profile) wrote,
on 12-29-2005 at 3:57pm
Wow, I almost completely forgot about this thing. Not like I keep in touch with most of my friends that use to read and comment on it. But never the less. Anywho right now I am at the library in Rockford. Yeah, I know much of a life right? lol. It is my Christmas vacation and I am spending it at the library. Anywho, I enjoy it. My life seems to be going by really fast. I don't know because it is my senior year and highschool. I am.. in a way scared to grow up. Babyish? maybe.. but I don't care.
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12-29-05 11:12pm

life is scary.... its a big world, think carefully about your first step, and goodluck

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12-30-05 11:03am

I'm scared to grow up too.

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