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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 12-29-2005 at 10:55pm
Current mood: Unbelievably Happy
Music: Touch The Sky- Kanye West
Subject: What A Wonderful Day!
Today was like the best day . I saw the 3 most important people in my life today and I loved it. Last night Ashley Elizabeth Gage (teehee) randomly came over and spent the night… and I totally loved it. I haven’t hung out with her like in like a 10 months (kinda not exaggerating either)! Even though we pretty much did NOTHING it was still like the best ever. So I got to see her this morning so that’s 1 out of 3. Then I went over to Jordan’s for about 10 minutes (person #2) THEN at about 3:00ish Kerrilynn called me and told me to come over (so that’s person #3). But I was really tired, so I took a nap there lol… eh oh well Kerri slept too. Then we ate tacos, (mmmhhh yum) then at about…7:15ish I left and since I only saw Jordan for about a total of 2.5 seconds… after Kerrilynn’s, I went back to Jordan’s. THEN more people show up at Jordan’s randomly like… Brianna and Ashley Anderson, then of course since Brianna came over Dan had to RUIN the girls night we had going on… lol jk. Anywho: I know that it probably sounds like a kind of boring day but I loved it. So here’s some pictures.

Image hosted by
Jordan N Me:)

Image hosted by
Jordans New Kitty:)

Image hosted by
Me And Kerrilynn

Image hosted by
Me And Kerri Again

I Have The Bestest Friends In The World.
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12-29-05 11:44pm

You and Jordan are soo cute.

I loved seeing you Kelli, it's been a while!


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Re:, 12-30-05 12:19am

Dito... We Need Another Subway And Bowling Night;)

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Re:, 12-30-05 7:22pm

Aren't we just adorable? I mean, seriously, who could not love our two ugly mugs on like a coffee cup or maybe a "don't drive and drive" billboard.

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