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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2005 at 9:01pm
Music: bob dylan <3
I broke up with my boyfriend last week. It turned out that I could not stand him.

I miss him, and I feel bad for him. He wanted to get back together, which is the basis for my pity. To me it means he cared for me more than I cared for him. I just feel bad because it isn't in my understanding how someone could like me that much. I want someone to like me that much, obviously, but I just do not understand it.

I stopped smoking pot so i could get a job. which i am definately going to do, because i can now get my drivers license in three months, and i desperately want a car so i am no longer this burden to all my friends.
I must say I absolutely cannot wait for march this year.
All i really want is my freedom.

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12-30-05 9:43pm

All i really want is my freedom.

I feel like it's something I'll never get,
because isn't life about restrictions anyways?

Maybe I'm just pessimistic.

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Re:, 12-30-05 9:51pm

You are darling.:) Join the club.

I guess fighing our restrictions makes life more interesting.

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