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silverstar (profile) wrote,
on 1-2-2006 at 1:05pm
Current mood: crappy
Wow, sorry i havent updated this thing is forever! I never have time for anything anymore. My whole life is consumed with work, school and bleu. I dont even remember what has really been going on so i'm just gonna start with new year's weekend! I had so much fun because i never do anything for new years. This was like the first year that i have stayed up for the ball to drop in like 7 years, haha. Well I went over bleu's and his mom went and bought us a whole bunch of alcohol but all i really drank were daiquiris' but the i got sick and threw up twice lol
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01-04-06 9:42am

Lmao, throwing up is always good. NOT. Love youuu.

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