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whispers (profile) wrote,
on 1-2-2006 at 9:29pm
Subject: January 15th.
I'm going to see my dad. January 15th is when I'll be going there. I might be there for a week, or a few days.. I don't know. But I almost cried when I was on the phone with him. Next week I'm gonna go get my nails done, and then I'm gonna go see my dad.. and talk to him. Actually sit down, and talk to him. Tell him about my mom, about how I hate my job because my boss is a douche bag, about school, about my plans, and about.. whatever else comes to mind. I'm not into church, so I'll leave before Sunday, but I'll probably stay there for a week. We'll see. I'll take enough clothes to stay for a week anyway.

Maybe I'll even have him take me to go look at apartments downtown Chicago. That'd be fun. I'm excited. Alright, I'm gonna go do something now. Much love. <3
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01-03-06 1:34am

hey you!!! I MISS YOU!!!! i was so geeked to talk to you the other day....i was like OMG!!!!! some people really miss me! it was the coolest feeling...i hope you don't mind that i still read your journal...honestly its the only one i read on woohu...(i hope that doesn't sound creepy :P) anywho...i'll probably be calling you soon...between diaper changes, baths, more diaper changes, changing outfits, temper tantrums, and feedings, i'll find a way to call :) i hope to see you soon...i just wanted to say hi, i love you...and i hope you're happy...truly happy...and if you're not i hope you get happy...i love're a great friend...and an AMAZING, strong person...

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Re:, 01-03-06 10:15pm

I was so excited when Tanya said she had your number. Wednesday, I'm gonna call you, and we're going to do something. Totally. I'm calling you tomorrow because I love you!

And that's not creepy. I didn't even know anybody read my stuff lol. Except Jill. She knows so much shit about me, it's creepy. And I know she reads it, but I don't even care.

Anyway, I love you!

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