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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2006 at 3:38pm
I dreamed that Kyra fought Lacey on the top of a billboard. When Lacey got punched she fell down and hit the ground as nothing but a prety stain. And, even though I hate how big her head has become, I couldn't help but cry.

Kasey took me back to her house, then the aliens attacked and that was that.
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01-09-06 10:48am

Hi. I miss you. How was Christmas?

Come to Florida and we'll have fun. : )

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Re:, 01-09-06 9:51pm

I needed to read that, you know. Not that the words were significent, but the thought counted.

And as long as I get a kiss from you, I'll come. ^^

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