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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2006 at 12:55am
Current mood: mellow
Music: Chemlab - Codeine, Glue, and You
Subject: White Room.
I feel as though my journal is filled with the utmost unimportant plethora of CRAP. I guess it's pretty much my fault for filling it with such needless things but, yeah. I live no adventorous life; or have done anything recently that I would say is exciting enough for me to share.

Blah, blah, blah. So onto filling again with more inept shite topics!

I'm glad I finally got those CDs out into the mail. Now it's no longer my fault for them being delayed so much. Though I wished I could've had them out before xmas. Oh well. Procrasinator that I am. [Btw; when you get the discs Dai, check the front zippery pocket thing on the case. Somethin' I just randomly tossed in there.]

In other news; school starts tomorrow. I got my two psychology classes. Also an online business class. And guess what? I only have ONE book for one class. This sucks.

On top of that; in more other news... I've been listening to Chemlab a lot recently. I used to like 'em, sort of overplayed them, dropped away, am now back again. I need to get another copy of 'East Side Milita' .. that was a good album. So for now I'm stuck with a few remixes of their songs and the album 'Oxidizer' ... And I ordered a shirt last night. Heh. It's cool. Got the neato Oxidizer logo on it and on the back it says "Fuck art. Lets kill." ... lovely.


Currently withering away; locking myself in a cell of electro-metal and industrial stuff again.

I want Android Lust's new CD when it comes out. Should be good. Need to get her old one again too... someone swiped it from me. Assholes. ....

..Talked to Rosa for a minute or two last night. Guess she broke up with yet another internet boyfriend. That had a girlfriend. ... I think I basically told her that's what she gets. You can't expect much from these online things. They're ridiculous. ... She asked me to buy her a new heart. O_o; .. I wonder if I can find a cheap one on ebay? ... on top of that she said she might kill the internet, somethin' 'bout money issues and that she needs to get a life. Dunno if that'll really happen, but... I hope it doesn't. Who else 'm I gonna bother when Dai isn't on? .........

I think I'll just stop here to avoid ranting about any more useless crap.



Smile, you slime.
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