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jeeber4u (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2006 at 10:36pm
I'm eating dinner

However, tonight I'm in the mood for food I've earned, ya know? I could go to Wendy's and order a poyo sandwich from the vato working el casho registeristo, but that's not fulfilling.

Has anyone ever tried hobo flesh? I think it'd be delicious after you ran a hose over it. Think of it this way: hobos drink almost nothing but alcohol, so it's basically like they've been marinating their internal organs for years and years. You grill up some of that and you're in for a taste sensation. Plus, think of all the treasures to be had in those shopping carts!

And yes, I am a dick for typing this, so I'll tell you what, Karma: next real, non-eaten hobo who asks for change gets it.

That way, my saying horrible things feeds people. Or marinate their organs.
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01-15-06 10:37pm

Well there goes my brain.

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01-15-06 11:49pm

That's funny right there.

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01-15-06 11:53pm

Love it. I'm anxiously awaiting the upcoming Jeeber Manifesto.

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