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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2006 at 2:15pm
well ive applyed at applebees in two differnent locations and at bufflow wild wings and at the outback steak house and im still looking but hopefully ill get a job soon because i need on so i can actually get the things i need. ive been really busy lately and by busy i mean ive been at eDen alot which is alot of fun. jimi if you read this which i think you do sometimes give me a call im sorry i havent called you i lost your number again. my mom is going to have to have surgery so everone wish her luck and keep her in your thoughts, theres something wrong with her stomic so lets say your stomic is the size of a football well she has a mass that makes it about the size of a softball and ofcours im very woried because i love my mom very much.
but if anyone knows of anyplace thats hiring please please let me know.
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01-18-06 11:50pm

yea! get a job you bum! haha! im just kidding! I love you!

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