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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2006 at 8:39am
Current mood: disappointed
Music: none
Subject: Fuck the World
i swear to fucking god. i try to care for someone and they either Stab me in the back or their Friends stab me in the back. I remember being Friends with justin, Ty, And Brad. Same to you Mike but your still my friend and i talk to you when im actually online. So fuck the world for trying to fuck me over, i shouldnt have gotten back on Woohu but i did and im glad i did at the same time cuz i read Brads entry and now i know to never again try to reach Justin for anything. It wasnt like i was doing any harm. i mean shit. Fuck it i dont care anymore. I just want Brady back. my love, My heart, and my Soul. DAMN IT!!!! i hate myself, I wanna die. Bye.
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01-25-06 7:49pm

did you ever even meet brad in person?
if you just dated online then who gives a fuck? thats lame
im not trying to be a bitch its just stupid that you act like hes so important when he really hates you

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Re:, 01-27-06 3:56pm

wow...If he hates me oh so much why dont he just say that? and do i know you? no i never met him in Person that dont mean shit, i have friends all over America, I love my friends and my friends are first over myself. I am always 100% truthful and i hate liars so why dont you mind your own business?

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