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paperheart (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2006 at 4:21pm
Current mood: blank
Music: Sarah McLachlan- Angel
When the broken hearts are mended and the many tears are dried, you learn. When you're over the old boyfriends and girlfriends and you realize you can live without your first love, you learn. You see that the world doesn't end just because you think it will, and that sometimes growing up means letting go. You learn what real love is, and you begin to see that one friend who really cares about you is better than a hundred friends who don't. You learn that you can be strong. Take each day step-by-step, and survive every sad moment. So feel the pain and cry the tears, go out and experience life. But when you're at the end of your rope, and you're ready to jump off that ledge, remember that heartache fades, pain subsides, and though life seems at times too tough to handle, it's also too precious a gift to waste. So keep living. Never give up, and remember: You Learn.

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01-21-06 4:57pm

Aww that was very inspirational!

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01-21-06 6:07pm

I like it... very moving.

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