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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2006 at 7:33am
Subject: omfg dream.
ok i just woke up so excuse me if i butcher this entry. that was one fucked up dream i just had. so i figured ishould jot it down before i forget it all...

i had stayed the night at adam's house to take his picture for some reason. and his mom dyed their new dog a pinkish color. idont know why. anyway. adam left after i got to my house and it was suddenly later in the day and it was just me and matt home. then our friend emily and one of her friends showed up to hang out. that was cool. i havnt seen emily in ages. shes shorter than i am. and hella cute. so matt ends up on the floor with emilys friend and im on the couch with emily. doing uhm... stuff. heheh. then matt and emilys friend just stop doing what they were doing; to which me and emily pause. emily looks at me questioningly and i tell her that matt has a girlfriend. she says oh. then tells me she doesnt have one; so i tell her that neither do i. we continue a bit.

suddenly; were all in this weird room with people i dont know. and someone gets shot. its a frenzy; police are everywhere and people are freaking out. apparently this room is adjacent to my dads house. so thats where we are. sterling is now a part of the dream and emiyls friend has disappeared.

apparently sterling had something to do with the shooting and matt was flipping out; he ran outside, me and emily following him. earlier he said something about punching cockroachs on the wall so i thought he was going to go do that. but he ran back into the house and grabbed the gun and ran in; pressing the gun to sterlings head "im going to kill you right now motherfucker" and they get into a brawl. i have no idea where the police are at this point.. me and emily are just trying to stay out of the way... somehow sterling gets away from matt and were back inside and matt says to take care of the cop. so thats what emily does. she comes up behind the last one and wraps a bandana around his neck and starts to choke him.

i have no clue whats going on so i run back outside to find matt and sterling at it again. there is a loud CRACK as matt and sterling fall back, matts head hitting the concrete porch/walkway thing infront of my dads. they wrestle around. the gun is being fought over and i run back inside for fear of getting myself shot with them out of control... sure enough as soon as i walk back inside the gun goes off.

when i come back inside the police man had gotten a hold of emily and was on the living room floor; holding her down oddly and fucking her; despite her protesting. she looked to me for help; the policeman had a gun... i stared at the two; and turned away.. moving back some.. tears in my eyes. i couldn't do anything. why couldn't i do anything? i was scared. i didnt know what was going on.

suddenly matt runs back in with the gun and right up to the cop; i look away at that point, the cop staring up at matt who has the gun in his face. he shoots him.

and then i wake up because i have to pee.

which i still have to do.

i just thought i'd write this down... hah.
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01-24-06 12:45am

o.o;... That just seems... Really weird. You've got some funky dreams. I should start writing mine down when I wake up, instead of being a lazy ass and forgetting them right away.

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