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tesunai (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2006 at 7:38pm
Current mood: something
Music: Adema - Betray
i now know ill be alone forever, no mater what i do im destined to be alone, to die alone, to never be loved again, even if someone thought they loved me, it would never be possible, not the way i am its not, i keep saying im gunna give up on love, but the truth is i dont think i can escape the torcherous feeling called love, i just keep searching for it like a god damn bloodhound...maybe i like all this pain, it hurts so much i wish i could rip my heart outa my chest, if u could live without a heart id consider it. i just wish i could find what im looking for, get what im after, but ill probly just die trying....
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01-26-06 6:40am

Awe, Mikey.
Don't get so down on yourself.
It's not an easy thing to find, at all.
I haven't found it yet, either.
And I know it's hard, exhuasting, and just gets heart breakiing. But, I guess you just have to wait around and hope someone shows up. Someone worth your time.
I looked for someone for a while now and I lost the only person I ever loved, but I'm still alive and breathing.
You just have to push it out of your mind and accept that when it happens, it happens. And there's nothing you can do, but make good friends to help you through it.
It's ok, you don't need anyone, but yourself.
I promise.
Someone else is just trouble.

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:-P, 01-27-06 4:41pm

Mes always Heart yous Mike! You will find love i swear!!! i found it once but i gave it up to make myself happier, Failed. So im always down too. I lovels you!!!

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Re: :-P, 02-13-06 4:54pm

Shut up.

You're stupid.

Anyway, Mikey...hush! How many times do I have to tell you not to talk like that? Lol. Chin up! Though, I really have no room to talk on this subject. I'm right anyway. ;)

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