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Defiant (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2006 at 7:57pm
These past two days have been a success. Paid off rent, figured out how to use the Grand Rapids bus system which conviently runs from where I live to anywhere in Grand Rapids...which I have a plan to get free rides using a doctored college I.D. I jumped my car successfully by myself and applied at St.Mary's hospital to hopefully get that position Spielmaker told me about. I'd enjoy getting a job there because I could use the bus system and save like....108 in car insurance a month as well as like....80-100 bucks in gas a month.
Oh well, I can only hope and wait. I plan on selling my old car soon and getting a newer model. Hopefully a 2002 or something. Shouldn't be too terribly long. Ivan is doing well.
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