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defiant (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2006 at 8:04pm
Subject: In the next ten years or so...
I've been thinking alot lately for a plan in my life...and I think I've found something I want to do.

I'm not really concerned with girls anymore. Too much of a pain in the ass right now. What I want to do would be really destroyed by having a girlfriend.

What I want to do is work for the next two years and save up a good amount of money...say....8k or more in a long-term growth fund and save up around 1k in a savings account. I'll use this money to purchase gear and or plan tickets as needed, as well as a contract with a storage place to store my shit and car for a few years.

When I've amassed a nice small fortune (enough to restart life in the U.S. comfortably, i.e. rent an apartment, have gas, food, etc. til I get a job again) I'll start my travel out of the U.S. to explore.

I've realized I really don't want to live my life without a story. Without accomplishing something special to me. To me, that's exploring the world and not watching it through a two inch thick plate of glass all the time. There are some places that I really want to go see and some villages I'd want to visit.

I think it'd be cool to visit some of these villages where government doesn't even exist as well as see how un-corporationed (new word) countries and peoples live.

Before I leave though, I really need to plan where I'm going and shit...I don't want to plan it all though...I want there to be some struggle (where's the next meal coming from, how will I get to point B, etc.) but I'll have some money set aside in savings to get me a plane ticket home to my nest egg if shit gets tight.

There are quite a few skills I want to learn first before I'd leave too. I have alot of preparing to do. I want to learn to skateboard, and speak italian or french semi-fluently. I need to get a hacki-sack because no matter what language you speak, a simple game is the easiest way yo make friends. I need to work on my map reading skills as well. I want to start jogging to get ready for the trip.

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