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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 2-4-2006 at 11:28pm
Not that [m]any of you really know where I live anyway..
But I just moved.
I am now nostaligic.
My new walls are plastered with what I am supposed to look like, and how I am supposed to behave.
No longer living alone.
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02-05-06 11:00am

I knew you had 0 roomate...

Love you.

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02-05-06 12:02pm


where to? how's the roommate?


sorry i've been busy lately and haven't called to hang out or anything.

don't be afraid to nab me sometime either... i do my best not to bite.

i'll see you around, for certain.

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Re:, 02-05-06 12:03pm

just downstairs. I'm in stafford 130 now.. the handicap room.
Roomate seems fine. We prolly won't be friends, but it will bearable.
I've been busy as of late too.. But yes, surely I will see you around.

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02-05-06 11:49pm

Weird. As soon as I lose my roommate you get one ;p

Oh yeah, I don't have one now because Tara decided to move in with a friend in another dorm. Yeah. Rockin.


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