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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2006 at 11:15am
the rampage game on friday was awesome. my boyfriend is simply the COOLEST ever! *giggles.

after school keegan picked me up and brought me to bobbys because he had to be to van andle by 5... and it was so nice being able to hang out with bobby and talk to him for so long. even though we dont see eachother often.. he's like my big brother. i know he'd be protective of me and he so happy for me and keegan. the best thing about bobby.. is that he's just such a good guy. most guys flirt with girls regardless of who they're dating.. even if it IS their best friend. bobby isnt like that. everything is so comfortable and we talk about me and keegan and its just wonderful!

but anyways.. we got to the game at about 6:30 and before the game started at 7 keegans crew had already been on the field 3 different times! throwing stuff out into the crowd, flippin, doing a little free style... i was THATS MY BOYFRIEND! i mean seriously.. this is HUGE! and theres only 5 of them.. so its not like there's a bunch of people and you have to figure out which one he is. i was so excited i was like a little girl!

they're the rampage's promo team... so they helped with all the activities during time outs and everytime rampage made a touchdown they'd run out on the field with a big rampage flag and do flips and stuff then run off.

then they did their routine in between the 3rd and 4th quarter.. which was awesome because i finally got to see what they've been working on all this time at practices!

the coolest thing i think.. was when the game was over. they brought all these tables out onto the field and the players, rage dancers, and 61syx signed autographs for this 20 minute session. me and bobby just stood back and watched them. how amazing. a year ago they had JUST got together. since then they've improved SO much, they've been doing shows and NOW their signing autographs for little kids and adults.

i just cant get over how incredible huge this is. i had so much fun.. esp because i was with bobby. i just wanted to tell everyone around me everytime they came off the field.. THATS MY BOYFRIEND! I KNOW HIM! lol.

and the BEST thing about the night was that I was the one who got to go home with him. I'M the one who gets to tell him how incredibly proud i am of him and all his accomplishments. I'M the one thinks the world of him and cant possibly see myself without him.

i really think we're one of those power couples. we've got it all. and that is SO great.

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