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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2006 at 11:43pm

I saw Kelly the Bond this weekend!!!!!

Amanda version 1.0, the Jender Bender, Eric, and I went up to Central to visit. We're definitely Western students because we totally hated almost everything there except for the food and the room layouts. Never got a chance to get a malt from the Malt Shop...oh well =_=

I met a coupla interesting Jungs there at Central. They're rockin. And I saw "Battle Royale" which is majorly fucked up. Yes. Those crazy Japanese.

Right now I'm reading "M.Butterfly", which is an interesting play. I can't wait to discuss it in my English class tomorrows.
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02-06-06 12:06am

It was awesome seeing you Katie!! Your friends are cool. Tell them I said hi. Sorry we didn't go the Malt Shop. We'll just have to go there twice next time you come up : )

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